Who is a ghostwriter?

As a jeweler craftsman turns rough stones into beautiful jewels, the ghostwriter transforms ideas, inspirations and drafts into precious texts. More pragmatically, he is someone who writes an original text starting from the notes or, simply, ideas, from the client. He writes starting from existing texts but also, and mainly, he writes unpublished texts. He writes while remaining in the shadow, he writes on request and renounces the paternity of his work.

Under what circumstances can a ghostwriter be useful?

  • You have been elected “employee of the month” and you have to write the public speech?
  • Do you want to launch a new product or service and look for a high-impact means of communication?
  • Are you an assertive author but are you struggling with the infamous white page syndrome?
  • You are a beginner author, you have a good idea but you miss the experience to put it on paper?
  • You want to write the novel of your life but you do not know which way to start, let alone how to publish it?
  • You want to send an application for a job for which you are perfect but you can not find the right words?
  • In all these cases – the list is not exhaustive – ghostwriters are there to help you.

How do they proceed ghostwriters?

You make us aware of your project, by phone, email, Skype …

It will follow a physical meeting that will have a dual purpose: to allow us to immerse ourselves in your history, your perception of the world and your thoughts in order to do our job in the best conditions, to write a text as you would have written; to allow you to know us, to discover our path, to appreciate our abilities and to understand if we are the people you need.

A fee, based on the time required to complete the project, will be established.

You submit us a test text, which we will produce for free. If the test suits you, we will sign the contract together.

We will carry out the necessary research for the good progress of the work – glossaries, historical and genealogical researches, immersions in the treated context. For genres that require continuous communication – novels, biographies – we can see and hear each other, even daily, thanks to Skype.

We submit your work regularly – the exchange must be continuous.

Once the work is done, he will proceed to proofreading and editing. We comb through imperfections such as style or consistency errors.

We send you the completed work in digital format.

Why should I choose ghostwriters?

– First of all for their experience and their profound knowledge of the language. Years of in-depth reading have allowed them to delve into the depths of language and, consequently, to write in a fluid way, playing with words, using interpretive keys and different styles between them.

– Talent, either we have it or we do not have it. Our ghostwriters have to sell, they would not do this job differently.

– A professional deontology foolproof. We do not conceive of work other than by doing it with love, and our ethics requires us to accept a mission only if we are certain to be the best interlocutors for your project.

– We work in three languages: Italian, French and English. Your works do not undergo a translation but they are written directly in the language you have requested.

– Lastly, because once the work is done, that is to say once written history, we do not abandon you: our assistance continues until the publication of your work and the protection of the rights of ‘author.

In summary: experience, talent, strict ethics, polyglotism, efficiency.

How to publish your book?

Find a traditional publisher

Advantages: obvious benefits in terms of reputation and sales.

Disadvantages: very high competition, endless revisions of the texts so that they are not excluded because of a certain naïveté in the writing, risk of not choosing the good editor compared to its editorial line, obligation to present a synopsis neat work, very high waiting times and low success rates.

Self-publishing (ebooks, websites, print on demand)

Advantages: reduced time, low level of censorship so more creative freedom, relatively low costs.

Disadvantages: reduced visibility, limited distribution channels, more involvement of the author in the distribution, risks of obtaining a poor editorial product.

The literary agency.

Advantages: more opportunities to reach important publishers and in a shorter time, professional assistance, more guarantees and copyright protection.

Disadvantages: very high costs, selections as strict as those applied by the editorial houses live.

Our website is here to help you. Whichever path you choose, ScritpaManent helps you to present a convincing and professional editorial product and reach your goal.

Why should a ghostwriter renounce the paternity of his work?

Some ghostwriters, after writing years for others, decide to publish their novel. Many of them succeed, the experience gained during years of writing in the shadows is certainly precious to them.

On the other hand, most ghostwriters do not want to be published. This is not a lack of ambition, but rather a taste for the daily challenge of writing a successful text in a style that is not theirs and in the most varied contexts.

Ghostwriting is not a fallback job for frustrated writers, but a profession in its own right. A writer is bound to his genre, the one that readers expect of him and the editorial line of his publishing house. The ghostwriter has no limits, he can treat various subjects and by different approaches. He is free. Its field of action is practically infinite also thanks to the new distribution channels and the hyper-communication of today: not only novels, but websites, blog, advertising campaigns, catalogs, social networks, need writers who know how to write in the most appropriate way.

A ghostwriter, therefore, renounces the paternity of his work because putting a signature on a work is not part of what it gives him pleasure. Write, and only that, gives it to him.

What are the services offered by ghostwriters?

We offer writing services, style revision, proofreading and proofreading, text restructuring in the following areas:

Literary section:

  • Manuals, novels, short stories, biographies and self-biographies
  • Fables, readings for children
  • Theatrical texts and scenarios, adaptations of fictional novels
  • Articles and editorials for books, magazines and blogs

Commercial section:

  • Masterminds, textbooks, pedagogical section
  • Writing of advertising campaigns, commercial action plans
  • Writing market studies

Communication section:

  • Writing press releases
  • Creation and handling of blogs, Facebook accounts, Twitter etc.

What types of texts are not handled by ghostwriters?

Theses, dissertations and doctorates – for obvious reasons of intellectual honesty.

Specialized texts, essays, academic treatises – we must know how to recognize its limits: we are not experts in all academic fields!

Political speeches – the respect of our profession and our moral principles prevent us from writing a speech for a woman or a man whose ideas we do not share; for condicio, we do not write them either for those whose ideas we share.

Religious texts or propagation of religion, in the respect of the convictions of all, is and will remain a secular association

Texts that promote distant ideas of our ethics like racism, homophobia, exploitation of animals.

How much does a shadow writer cost?

Time is the only criterion taken into account when calculating tariffs:

The time required for the preliminary research in writing the text – historical research, genealogy, immersion in the context treated

The time needed to complete the writing and revising work

Rates are based on a specific quote and adapted to your project and the payment schedule will be adapted to your needs and requirements.

The modalities below, as well as the rates that you find on the page “rates” are proposed as an indication:

Deposit: a deposit of 50% is required at the signing of the contract. A second deposit of 25% is required at half of the work.

Refunds: for each new client we offer a pre-test writing to the signature of the contract. To our loyal customers, we offer a 70% refund of the deposit if we are not satisfied with the first part of our work.

Balance: up to six months of delivery of completed work.

I am not a writer but I would like to write my biography, can you help me?

With great pleasure. Contact us today without any commitment on your part to let us know your story. Your biography – it’s the biography of those you love – could be a beautiful present, unique and exceptional.

Do you want to launch a new product or service and want a highly impactful means of communication?

Make a revolutionary choice, write a book! Writing a book that talks about you and your product is a choice that can yield a huge return on investment in terms of reputation and authority. If you want communication that meets your ambitions, our business section has what you need.