The translation of literary texts is our core business.

This is the most complex and sensitive section of the translation. In order to convey to the reader the full meaning of a text, it is essential that the translator have the creative gift of the writer, the full and complete understanding of the message that the writer wished to convey, be imbued with the culture of the people to which the translation is intended. The stakes are high: to be able to deliver a translation that can appear as being written in the language of destination. The literary translator must be able to insert in the translation of a novel these subtleties, often crucial, that allow to restore the nuances of the original text so that its deep meaning, beauty and originality are respected. It is not only a question of translating a story but of translating into the target language also what lies between the lines …

Our literary translators provide a ten-year experience not only in literary translation but also in ghostwriting, namely the art of immersing oneself in the cultural background, sensibility and personality of the world. an author necessary to write a faithful text in all its nuances to the intentions of the author.

Available languages:

Italian – French – English ← → Italian – French – English

Other languages ​​soon available.

Young authors talented but still unknown, do not hesitate to contact us. The possibilities of collaboration are endless …