Quality assurance. Always.

The first of our missions is the safeguarding of the beauty of the language. This is why we attach great importance to revising a text.

Revision – that is, the careful and methodical re-reading of a text with a view to improving, modifying or correcting it – has the ultimate goal of ensuring the effectiveness of communication.

It consists of comparing the elements of a translated text with its original version to ensure that all ideas have been correctly adapted.

Our revisions service, starting from an initial analysis of grammar and syntax, continues in a control of adherence to the source text, fluidity of the writing and, especially of its coherence.

Indeed, it is not uncommon to read obscure phrases in literal translations that often hide the lack of understanding of the source text.

Experienced reviewers

A good reviewer has all the qualities and skills of a good translator:

  • Perfect command of at least two languages
  • Experience in the field of activity
  • Ability to juggle adequacy to source text and acceptability in the receiving culture.

 The re-elaboration: an evil for a good

The re-development of an already translated text may be necessary, for example, in order to improve its natural referencing by search engines and to make its reading more obvious to the target readership.

Our re-development service is used when, in addition to a grammatical revision, it is necessary to review the text in all its aspects so that the harmony of the content and the effectiveness of the message are achieved, that the data text is up to date and the style of the unified set. In short, what we like to name today “restyling” of the text.