The Importance of Quality Education in Our Lives and Societies

Education is the backbone of every society.

It is what defines people’s attitudes and the atmosphere in a country. People suddenly become more ambitious than they would have been if they were uneducated. So how does quality education affect people’s lives and the society?

Happiness and stability

Quality education brings the type of happiness that cannot be hidden. This is because it comes with a lot of fulfillment. You will get a better job and enjoy a good social reputation. The beauty in it is that you will also have sufficient money to live the kind of life you have always desired: The type of life that allows you to have a vacation with friends and families to your destination of choice. It is even better when you know you can provide most of the things that your family could need from you. If you are wise enough, you could save enough for investment in properties. This is what happiness and fulfillment look like.


The world has always struggled with issues of racial segregation and discrimination. Minority groups have, for a long time, struggles to have their place in the society. They have been denied equal rights based on race, gender, financial status, nationality, or culture. However, quality education is the only way to break this chain of inequality. It is the most effective way of turning the despised into respectable people in the society. my essay service It gives everyone an opportunity to be bold in who they are. Quality education also corrects past injustices and anger. It seeks to create an understanding of why things happen the way they do and how they can be turned around. The beauty with a quality education is that everyone stands a chance to be selected for job opportunities. It is definitely a beautiful place to be.


Insecurity is mostly associated with illiteracy. This is because of the high number of illiterate people who resort to robbery as their only means of survival. Most are always unemployed or live on low salaries that cannot sustain their desired lifestyles. Sadly, this feeling of inadequacy turns people into poor but expensive habits – habits like drug use and excessive alcohol drinking. They turn to stealing once they exhaust all their money on these habits. This explains why societies with high levels of illiteracy struggle with insecurity. Interestingly, this is all changed when more people find access to quality education. They are turned into independent men and women who have some respect for other people’s lives and properties. Education raises the poorest families from their low financial status. This happens when a breadwinner finally gets the much-needed education and gets all family members off the shanties. It leads to a complete mind change.

Economic growth

A country’s economy grows drastically when it has a large number of educated people. These are people who get good jobs that pay them hefty salaries. This translates to a higher gross domestic product, leading to increased economic development. A country also benefits when it has fewer unemployed people. It can easily manage these numbers without going bankrupt. This is the beauty of quality education. It empowers.

Veeda Compton