What percent of students have job after graduating university

People always think that they will automatically get a job once they acquire a college degree.

However, this has turned out as nothing but a myth since there is an alarmingly high number of college graduates without jobs. This is after struggling to essays-writing-for-me com get a chance into the best colleges and running their bank accounts dry with student debts. According to statistics, approximately 53% of university graduates are unemployed. Some are forced to take up informal jobs that don’t require any university degree. This high number of unemployment if due to the long time it takes before a fresh college graduate finds first job. But even after months of waiting, only those with previous work experience are picked for the jobs for which they applied. As a result, there is a constant pressure on students as https://scholcomm.columbia.edu/publishing-best-practices/ they are required to build on their resumes before being considered for employment. It is for this reason that students are to go through a process of career planning in the course of their studies. Here are some of the ways to enter the list of students employed after graduation:

Clarify your interests

You need to understand the pros and cons of a career you have chosen. Sadly, most students are always blinded by the privileges of having a specific type of job that they rarely see its negative attributes. It is, as a result, that they suddenly panic when they realize that it will never be a bed of roses. But then they come to this realization when it is already too late: At times, after their graduation, when there is no more turning back. Just try and put essays-writing-for-me.com everything into perspective right from the beginning to avoid such shock.

Acquire work readiness skills

You need to acquire work readiness skills to prove your ability to work in a diverse work environment. The most common skills include problem-solving, technology use, resource management, oral and written communication, organizational skills, adaptability, and collaboration. These skills complement your academic qualifications and make you the most preferred candidate among the many applicants applying for a specific job.

Access Career development services

Most universities offer career development services to their students. These services are aimed at helping you developed the above-mentioned work readiness skills. Some of the other advantages you could enjoy from these services include internship and job-search support.

Develop a support network

It is always said that your network is your net worth. What this means is that you are at a better chance of getting a job if you know many people who are already in employment. The best place to start is by developing friendships with your university’s alumni students. This is with an assumption that most will find jobs even before your graduation. At least you have people to turn to for help and advice after graduating. Some will even help you find your first job, depending on how close you are to them.

Veeda Compton